Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a powerful combination of acupressure, stretching, massage, energy work, and twisting. It stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body. It brings the body into balance and harmony; leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, peaceful, with an increased range of motion. Thai Massage reduces pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.


Energy Healing

Energy Healing, also known as Reiki, is a biotherapy and is respected as an alternative healing therapy that is effective in restoring balance and energy flow throughout the body. Some of the benefits of Energy Healing are:


Identify root causes of physical pain, emotional suffering, and negative experiences

Remove debris, heavy energy, and thought-forms from your energy field

Clear, activate and re-align chakras

Improve organ function

Feel greater peace and more energy in your life

Increase ability to focus

Reduce and heal physical pain

Ground, seal, and protect your energy

Attract more fulfilling life situations


Sound Healing

Sound Therapy is a very effective and gentle way to move from imbalance to balance. Through the use of resonating tools such as tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, or the human voice, a coherent resonance can bring a positive harmony to discordant energy or patterns that can be an underlying cause of distress.

Sound healing can bring the recipient into a centerpoint, deeply relax, and move energy throughout the body, chakra system, and auric energy field.

Sound allows deep relief from physical pain, stress, emotional imbalance, anxiety, sleep disorders,depression, and trauma.